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Rice Purity Test is a quiz based on 100 different purity questions related to life, just answer it with simple Yes & No!

Rice Purity Test for boys updated 2023  | Check Purity Quiz, Questions & Score

Rice Purity Test For Boys / Men (UPDATED 2023)

For men, there are a lot of questions. As in the rice purity test , you can easily see your score to know how pure you are. In today's world, everybody wants to know the purity of a "man," so for that purpose, many people, usually men and boys, take this test to see how innocent you are.

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All About Rice Purity Test For Boys / Mens (Unblocked)

Here are some more information about the rice purity test you might be intrested in.

Rice Purity Test for Boys/Men Questions

The questions you might find in the test are generally personal in that they ask you about your past experiences and usage of drugs and other alcoholic products. The test for a man includes 100 questions altogether, which have different questions. The score given by the site is close to being true based on the algorithm they are using. The rice purity test tells most about the person itself, whether girls or boys. That is why this test can be useful for knowing your partner completely.

Rice Purity For Boys Score Details

Here are some details about the rice purity test (innocence test) score, which might help you.

100% - 91% Score (Absolute Purity)

The best score is 100 - 91, but only a few people might fall in this category. Few people score 100 on the rice purity test, though even after being completely honest in the trial, it's tough to score 100. if you have managed to score 100, then for sure you have an excellent and perfect personality.
Scoring 100% is exceptional, though. In the line of 90s, the score is taken as an excellent score. The score is quite well if you have managed to score in the line of 90. the personality this score reflects is the people who believe in growth and have a mature character.

90%-76% Score (Intermediate Purity)

The surveys have maintained to put it like that the children of middle and higher class are mostly the ones scoring between 76 to 90 as they have boundaries set by their families on them.
Most people fall in this category as 76% to 90% is not a bad score. 76 to 90 is considered a score at the borderline of the score chart.

75% - 46% Score (Mild Bewilderment)

The surveys tell that the people who have this score are socially awkward. People who fall on this scoreboard are primarily introverted, and they have a lot more to discover in this life. Well, it's not wrong to have this score. You can always try to be a more social person by making friends whom to trust and meeting the harmless people to you.

Below 45% Score (Naughty and Guilty)

The score which has come before 45 is not such a good score. It tells the person might have been through a lot and is not mentally stable.
The people with a score under 45 are the victims of anxiety, stress, mental disorders. Such people need proper assistance to be on the path of recovery and peace.

What is a good score on the Rice purity test for boys?

A good innocence score on the rule purity test is between 85 - 100. according to surveys, young adults and even people of age 25 have managed to score on the scale of 85-100, and it is a good score indeed.

Is the Rice purity test for boys safe?

Well, there are some questions in the test which are quite personal and can also cause misunderstanding among the people seeing you taking the test.
It is a mixed answer between yes and no as it depends. There are no physical dangers to you in this test, while some of the people might get into wrong things to score well on this test.

What is the average Rice Purity score for boys?

91% - 100% for people under 18 years.
84% - 90% for people under 25 years.
75% - 84% for people under 35 years.
63% - 70% for all people.