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What Is Rice Purity Test?

A Rice purity test is a type of testing tool which determines the purity of someone. It simply tells how pure someone is. We can also say that the rice purity test is a kind of proof of someone's innocence in this unauthentic world. Well, this is also called as "innocence test."

The rice purity is mostly accurate. The accuracy or average rate for most people is around 70 to 80 %. We also have to mention here that the rice purity test also depends upon the formula that the purity test calculator uses to determine the answers for users.

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All About Rice Purity Test (UPDATED 2023)

Here are some more information about the rice purity test you might be intrested in.

Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

The Rice Purity Test is consists of a hundred questions survey that appraises a person's purity level in the wing of worldly vices, with a score of 100 being the angle and 0 being the evil. This rice purity test includes funny questions on behavior, relationships, and activities considered non-virtuous.

How does the rice purity test calculator work?

The rice purity test tool is a private and self-checking test. People can easily keep a check on themselves by calculating their purity by using this tool. You can quickly go through this online purity test, but make sure to test yourself from an authentic site.
The rice purity test calculator works in a way that initially the calculator asks for your name, gender and then some personal questions are asked to determine your purity, to get to know the actual score of yourself then its mandatory that you answer all those questions correctly.
The test does not take much of your time, and it hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes to know your score.

What are some outcomes that someone might get from the rice purity test?

Some possible outcomes of this purity test will be that if you may have said 'yes' to a question like a drug use or any other query, and if your long-term partner has said 'no,' then there will be down by two.
Most of the surveys have to tell the people are afraid to take this test as they don't want to know the real deal about them, but most people also do not believe in such trials. Well, there is nothing wrong with having such reservations about yourself.
The questions are not the same for everyone taking the test. There are variations in the question being asked itself. So it makes it essential for the person taking the test to understand the text and then answer the question with honesty and efficiency.

How Rice Purity Test Work

History of rice purity test

The history of the purity test goes back to the 19th century when in 1924, the first purity test was taken by primary women, which contained questions like, have you ever cheated? Ever been drunk? Etc.
Well, the history of the purity test goes to 90 to 95 years back, and rice purity initialized this test to help college students are comfortable in their life while trying to discover more in life.
This test is generally taken wrong, while in the history of this test, we have gotten the rice purity test just established this test to create a comfortable mindset among young adults.
Companies made the Rice purity test to stop people from doing illegal deeds, and this test was generally for students so that they could improve themselves after seeing the main points in which they are lacking. If you are having any trouble getting started to take a test and have any questions regarding the test, we would like it if you see frequently asked questions. We hope that they will help you clear things out in your mind.

Why do you need a rice purity test?

Well, everyone doesn't need to test themselves forcefully. It’s nothing like that.
Nobody is putting pressure over your shoulders to push yourself. But the rice purity test tells the honest score of your purity. Well, if you might want to test yourself to know the real deal about yourself, then maybe you require a rice purity test. This test is just meant to indicate how pure you are, and it's even a fun way to discover hidden details about your personality.

Rice Purity Score Details

Here are some details about the rice purity test score, which might help you.

100% - 91% Score (Absolute Purity)

The best score is 100 - 91, but only a few people might fall in this category. Few people score 100 on the rice purity test, though even after being completely honest in the trial, it's tough to score 100. if you have managed to score 100, then for sure you have an excellent and perfect personality.
Scoring 100% is exceptional, though. In the line of 90s, the score is taken as an excellent score. The score is quite well if you have managed to score in the line of 90. the personality this score reflects is the people who believe in growth and have a mature character.

90%-76% Score (Intermediate Purity)

The surveys have maintained to put it like that the children of middle and higher class are mostly the ones scoring between 76 to 90 as they have boundaries set by their families on them.
Most people fall in this category as 76% to 90% is not a bad score. 76 to 90 is considered a score at the borderline of the score chart.

75% - 46% Score (Mild Bewilderment)

The surveys tell that the people who have this score are socially awkward. People who fall on this scoreboard are primarily introverted, and they have a lot more to discover in this life. Well, it's not wrong to have this score. You can always try to be a more social person by making friends whom to trust and meeting the harmless people to you.

Below 45% Score (Naughty and Guilty)

The score which has come before 45 is not such a good score. It tells the person might have been through a lot and is not mentally stable.
The people with a score under 45 are the victims of anxiety, stress, mental disorders. Such people need proper assistance to be on the path of recovery and peace.

What is a good score on the Rice purity test?

A good purity score on the rule purity test is between 85 - 100. according to surveys, young adults and even people of age 25 have managed to score on the scale of 85-100, and it is a good score indeed.

Is the Rice purity test safe?

Well, there are some questions in the test which are quite personal and can also cause misunderstanding among the people seeing you taking the test.
It is a mixed answer between yes and no as it depends. There are no physical dangers to you in this test, while some of the people might get into wrong things to score well on this test.

What is the average Rice Purity score?

91% - 100% for people under 18 years.
84% - 90% for people under 25 years.
75% - 84% for people under 35 years.
63% - 70% for all people.